Kids Club Presents Seaside Summer Camp Adventure Discover Culture

Programs run June 26 to September 4, 2017

Max and Ruby™ are going to discovery camp and would love for all their friends to join them! Join Max and Ruby™ and participate in daily activities including dance & music, costume play, cooking specialties, arts & craft, archaeological dig, historic storytelling and so much more!

Do As Locals Do

Campers will learn the history of their host country's people, learn some of the local language, and get moving with traditional dancing and music.

Culinary Creations

Mini chefs will have a blast cooking local favorites with interact instruction, or have the option to sit back and watch the demonstration and taste these culinary delights!

Works of Art

Campers get creative with hands-on activities teaching your young Picasso various local mediums and their history. Then, they'll create a masterpiece to be shown in the main plaza!

Famous Landmarks & History

We give campers the chance to channel their inner Indiana Jones, dig into the past and discover what it’s like to be an archaeologist learning about famous landmarks and local fables.

Move, Music & Culture

Campers will start to explore their musical ability, developing rhythm to the sounds of local music, and they'll be able to enhance their artistic skills with a variety interactive and engaging activities!

Participating Royalton Luxury Resorts: Royalton Blue Waters, Royalton Negril, Royalton Punta Cana, Royalton Saint Lucia, Royalton Riviera Cancun,  and Royalton White Sands.

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