Pools & Beaches

A day by the pool in Royalton Bavaro ranges from tranquil to lively and everything in between. Enjoy a variety of dreamy poolside experiences at the main pool, beachfront pool, and for Diamond Club™ guests, the exclusive Diamond Club™ pool.

Guests of all ages can do as much or as little as they’d like during their stay in paradise. Float the day away in the sprawling lazy river, ride the waves on the FlowRider for a thrill-seeking adventure, or discover fun for the whole family with a visit to the on-site splash park – the choice is yours! 

Bavaro Beach

This “have-to-see” utopia was named one of TripAdvisor® Top 25 best beaches in the world. Our resort is just minutes from this local serenity: subtle soft sand, crystal clear waters and protected by an offshore reef.


Surfs up! The world’s most successful sheet wave has officially arrived at Royalton Bavaro. This ultimate surf machine makes for an exhilarating ride that appeals to a broad range of age groups, from kids learning to surf, to adults showing off their skills. You can rip, tear and shred until your blue in the face. Get stoked on the sensation of surfing our endless waves!

Lazy River

Check out our sprawling lazy river that’s over 1,200 feet long, for a refreshing take on sunbathing at any age. Float through mini caves while surrounded by eye- catching scenery.

Tips & Tricks For Flowriding

For bodyboarding:

  • Place your bodyboard onto the flow of water slick side down.
  • Lie down on your stomach, head facing the flow of water, with your hips along the rear edge of the board. Your legs should be extended straight behind you to serve as a rudder.
  • Your hands should grab the forward rails of the board.
  • Keep fingers, hands and elbows on top of your board to minimize water splashed into eyes.
  • Gently push into the flow.
  • You may ride in a kneeling position.

For flowboarding:

  • Holding the nose of the board, place your flowboard onto the flow of water slick side down.
  • Place your back foot approximately at the tail of the board, and position your front foot above the mid-point of the board.
  • Place your weight primarily on your back foot. Gently push into the flow. Remember – keep your weight on your back foot at all times.
  • Avoid jumping into or entering the ride at high speed; avoid weight on front foot. YOU WILL WIPE OUT!
  • Steer your board into the center of the flowing water. You can control your board by gently shifting your weight.
  • Try to keep your board pointed in the direction of the oncoming flow of water.
  • Edge control is the key. Keep weight on your back foot!